Top 5 Tips to teach your Puppy

Tip 1 – Aloneness:

Dogs are natural social animals and if left in the wild they would form packs with hierarchy and intensive interaction. To avoid separation or isolation anxiety in your pup, introduce them to “aloneness” gradually. When at home, create a bed for them as a safe space. Slowly increase your distance and the length of time you leave them alone, until they are calm and relaxed on their own.

Tip 2 – House-training:

Puppies need to go to the toilet more often than adult dogs; 0 to 2 months 2-3 hours, every additional month add 1 hour and 6 months + 6 – 8 hours. Always take your puppy out for potty time after the following events: 1. Right after a meal 2. Immediately after sleep and after a playtime session. Always praise them for going to the toilet outside and never punish for a potty accident.

Tip 3 – Chewing:

Puppy’s love to chew but before you give them the freedom of the house, they must learn what is allowed and what is not. Have plenty of chewable items at hand until you discover what they like. Endorse toy play and gently chastise house items that are completely out of bounds.

Tip 4 – Learning should be fun:

The best way to train your puppy is to make the process fun and positive. Along with treats, incorporate happy tones and toys. Your pup’s eyes should light up with joy when you tell them it is training time.

Tip 5 – Fast recall:

Teaching your puppy to come when called is probably the single most important behaviour you can teach your dog. A dog who has a solid recall can be given more freedom to run and play in areas where dogs are allowed off the lead.

The key is to a use a recall cue that always means “something good”, such as a chance to play or a high value activity. Conversely, never use the cue to do something they don’t love, like giving them a pill, treating their ears or putting them in a carry cage.

A positive approach is the “run-away, come” technique. Call the dog and then run away fast, so the dog comes galloping and romping after you and gets to celebrate with treats and/or toys when they catch up with you. The puppy learns that the  come” is an irresistible invitation to play the chase game.

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